It is neither left

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯… nor right


but our monetary system, which is the problem.
be part of the change:

Participate in the discussion and realization
of an alternative currency.

Welcome to ¥€$notes!

In contrast to initial assumptions, critiques of our financial system extend beyond the political left, resonating with voices from the right and environmentalists on both ends of the spectrum.

Left-wing concerns encompass:

* Unequal distribution of wealth and income
* Financialization
* Short-term focus
* Inadequate regulation

From the right, additional criticisms emerge:

* Overregulation
* Excessive risk-taking
* Government debt
* Complexity

And Common criticisms from both sides include:

* Crises and panics
* Environmental harm
* Lack of transparency and accountability
* Short-term focus
* Inadequate protection for consumers
* Systemic biases

Addressing these multifaceted concerns requires more than just hoping for a fair distribution of wealth through politics. Instead, it calls for a systemic change that doesn’t require regulations, is solid bound to a common standard and doesn’t incentivize greed and hoarding:

The development of an alternative currency

Join this website to actively participate in brainstorming potential solutions.

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Comments on 'It is neither left' (3)

  1. notes says:

    ¥€$ !!!

  2. Rolf says:

    It takes a while to make people believe in such a massive task,
    But once people understand the need for a systemic change, many may come around.

    1. Thilo says:

      The first task will be to set up a demo version of that currency and to allow only participants to become members.
      Once this alpha-phase is completed we can discuss further steps.

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